Gearing Up for a National
 PR Blitz

We now have Members actively Involved to Take your Queries and Defend our Profession

Dallas, Austin, Houston, New York City, Lincoln IL, Chicago, Miami FL, Boca Raton, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Boulder CO, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Gadsden AL, Lexington, New Haven, Boston, Little Rock... more being added as commitments continue lining up

Welcome to the

Peer Review

Media Task Force

This the place for supporters, health professionals
legislators, lawyers, and friends

to engage the media

i.e.  journalists, newscasters to publicize the inherent
problems of peer review of physicians

Professional jealousy
Board Politics
Capitalistic policies to limit competition
Ethnic/ racial/ sexual bias
Gender/ sexual harassment
Personality conflicts
Whistle blower retaliation
Disgruntled patients who :

  • don't want to follow the doctor's orders

  • disagree with the physician's opinion of disability rating

  • don't want to pay their bill

Media Task Force

Media Blitz planned

Editorials in local newspapers and television

Links to national media including "60 Minutes" and "Dateline"

Get in on the ground floor to Clear this Injustice

Richard Willner,  Chief Administrator
and President

The Center for Peer Review Justice

Access is Limited

Request Permission/password

by e-mailing either