Health Care Fraud use Accrual Based Accounting


By Richard Willner
May 18, 2011

Let’s be truthful.  “Sham Peer Review” is really “Physician Peer Review Fraud”. 

Health care fraud is a double entry system of accounting. We must discipline our thinking to reflect that of the accountant and lawyer so engaged in order to find the crooks and gather evidence of their misdeeds.

It is pointless to completely focus on the all too necessary whining and sniveling and cross examination of our self worth that the system forces us to do. We eventually only bail water into our own boats and vomit on our friends.

Every time you hear about sham peer review of independent doctors, ask yourself what is on the credit side of each equation. Richard Willner is the chief epidemiologist of this. Is it in the thousands?

Perhaps it is in a number of smaller accounts. All corporately shielded by immunity from HCQIA and added onto our national debt.

This s the real Healthcare Fraud.  The Fraud done to the individual doctors who are destroyed under a well meaning Federal Law  along with the National Practitioner Data Bank which leads to a Fair Hearing which is not “fair” and hardly a hearing. 

Almost every doctor tattooed with this “Bad Doctor” has NEVER had a malpractice suit.  How can this be?  This leads to being tossed from the Hospital like week old fish and Loss of the Medical License.

You don’t have to wait to Obama Care.  It started in 1986 and, what is shocking about these “BAD Doctors” is that these doctors who no malpractice suits have way less than their accusers.  What else stinks like day old fish? 

But, after 11 years of study, there is HOPE.  The CPRJ has developed ideas to help the Physician and Surgeon.

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