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Our Mission at the Center for Disruptive Physicians is to aid physicians  maintaining their chosen careers by offering individualized services. We offer education, support, networking, strategies, resources both legal and extra-legal.

Have you been labeled a "disruptive physician?"

There are two primary definitions:

"Personal conduct, whether verbal or physical, that affects or that potentially may affect patient care negatively constitutes disruptive behavior. (This includes but is not limited to conduct that interferes with one’s ability to work with other members of the health care team.) However, criticism that is offered in good faith with the aim of improving patient care should not be construed as disruptive behavior."  AMA

Who is "disruptive"? Is it the physician who advocates, even in a loud manner, for better patient care? Is it the physician who advocates for the "vocal minority" of the medical staff, the loyal opposition? A disruptive physician is usually one who over time and by the use of verbal harassment causes a disruption and potential for decreased quality of patient care. These physicians may, depending on the circumstances, be dealt with in a variety of ways from a friendly discussion to loss of staff membership and privileges. CPRJ

Consequences of being labeled a "Disruptive Physician"

Being labeled "disruptive" can very well be lethal to one's career, regardless weather it is truthful or not. The Center for Peer Review Justice strongly advices immediate consultation with us so that we can help reverse the destruction or future destruction to one's career.

And, it is simple, direct, and effective.

What to do if you are called a "Disruptive Physician"

Solving this is NOT a "do it yourself" proposition...and legal consultation is limited as the hospitals, doctors, nurses and everyone associated with them have immunity.  It is common for a doctor to find "loopholes":  or instances where the administration did not follow their own Bylaws and think that this is the method of getting legal relief. A careful analysis of other physician cases show that while it is logical, it is not true.

We invite you to call us at  504-621-1670 ( 8 AM - 10 PM CST) to discuss your case and see if we can help you.

Who We Are

We are a group of healthcare doctors -- physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, dentists, osteopaths, pediatricians, psychiatrists, internists -- who have experienced and/or witnessed the tragedy of the perversion of medical peer review by malice and bad faith. We have seen the statutory immunity, which is provided to our "peers" for the purposes of quality assurance and credentialing, used as cover to allow those "peers" to ruin careers and reputations to further their own, usually monetary agenda of destroying the competition.

We are dedicated to the exposure, conviction, and sanction of any and all doctors, and affiliated hospitals, HMOs, medical boards, and other such institutions, who would use peer review as a weapon to unfairly destroy other professionals.

The Center for Disruptive Physicians is a rallying point, a resource center, a support organization for any medical professional who finds him- or herself in the midst of an unfair and bad faith attack by unethical, malicious "peers". We hope to salvage those individuals who have been damaged, and prevent the crucifixion of others yet to come, in the name of "peer review."

We believe that fairness and truth should be the common denominator and the final arbiters of peer review.

Key Benefits Include ,  but are not limited to:

Common  Situations which may result in disruptive behavior allegations

  1. A physician may be labeled disruptive if he disagrees with policy decisions made by the hospital.
  2. There may be the unfortunate, and risky, situation where a physician screams profanities at nurses.
  3. Situations involving drug and/or alcohol abuse may contribute but be remediated thru rehab.
  4. A temporary bout of depression or anger should result  in the end of a career.
  5. Other cases may have their genesis in economic disagreements, such as when a physician refuses to sell his practice to the hospital or refuses to participate in a joint venture.
  6. Situations may arise where a physician believes a hospital is not providing top-quality patient care may result in retaliation.
  7. Some cases might simply involve personality clashes, which may become particularly problematic if the “clash” is between a physician and a member of the hospital administration.
  8. Some of these matters – such as  a tirade in the ER – are easily linked to patient care issues.  In other circumstances – disagreements over hospital policy – the connection to patient care is more tenuous and based more on economic or political pressures.

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