Dr. Bahram Zamanian

A New Orleans cardiologist has been awarded $6 million as a result of a jury trial in his case alleging damages arising out of a bad faith peer review. Mr. Marc Winsberg, attorney for Dr. Bahram Zamanian, reports that his client's win is the first ever in state court in Louisiana, and one of the very few victories in the United States for a plaintiff physician alleging injury resulting from sham peer review. 

The judge hearing Dr. Zamanian's case recently issued "Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict," dismissing the jury's decision in favor of plaintiff Zamanian. 

The following is information supplied by Mr. Marc Winsberg, Dr. Zamanian's attorney: 

We sued under the following causes of action:

  •  bad faith breach of contract
  • intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • unfair trade practices
  • defamation, and 
  • interference by the doctors with Z's contract with the hospital. 

During the trial, the judge dismissed all but defamation. Thus, only defamation went to the jury.

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