Date: December 22, 2001 05:35 PM
Author: Lawrence Bailey MD

Subject: sham peer review

Wow!! I read all the posts on this subject and must admit that the issue and potential solutions have been well thought out and expressed. I really cannot think of much to add and this is from a person who has had his career and entire life destroyed by these ruthless uncaring bastards who couldn't tie my shoes as a physician.

If I had the option of a true "jury" trial, I would still be practicing medicine today because charges would never have even been brought against me. Good physicians are only victimized today because the system ALLOWS prevarication and injustice. There is no burden of proof on the accusers. What absolutely does need to be addressed here is the after-effects of SPR, which at this time are known only to victims and their families.

If the entire profession viscerally (instead of "intellectually") understood what happens to an excellent physician after they have been crucified there would be considerably more urgency to fix this travesty!

Let me explain! Despite my success against the hospital, the hospital complained to the medical licensing board that I was a "disruptive" physician. Of course they neglected to mention that I was "whistleblower", having exposed a corrupt and incompetent administrator as well as a few physician cronies involved with him.

The medical licensing board was only too happy to accommodate the hospital's request that I be "disciplined" and "suspended" me although they admitted I was "salvageable".

This is a crock of shit. What happened after is that my life, business, practice have been destroyed. I lost everything I ever worked for including my home. My children are on welfare. My community was devastated, some of my patients died directly as a result of the actions against me. BUT.......................what has been worse is what has happened since!!

There is no end to this or even in sight. I have been criminalized in the eyes of prospective employers and cannot find work. I am considered "damaged goods" in the employment arena. There has been incredible prejudice against me from the profession I used to respect. Among educated and supposedly enlightened doctors I have seen incredible cowardice and stupidity.

 It is not surprising to me that others in my happenstance have chosen suicide because at times that has appeared to be an attractive option. Yes folks, this is how bad it gets!!

What is needed is PUBLICITY!!!!!

We need the press to write about this and we need television exposure. Only after this will even our profession admit this goes on. A Supreme Court case would be excellent, but we also need the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sixty Minutes, 20/20 and Dateline.

 I would very much like to hear from anyone who reads this if for no other reason than to find out if anyone even cares.

Lawrence Bailey MD Aurora, Indiana

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