Still on Dr Blanchard, the lady who was Peer Reviewed To Death.

Webmaster@lsumcbytes" wrote:

Okay, so how does this benefit our patients?

We take a woman who had a talent for treating and preventing pre-term labor and delivery, and we peer-review her literally to death. And then we review our nationwide statistics and determine that although women are seeing doctors much more often for prenatal care these days, the rate of pre-term delivery is actually GOING UP!!!

How does this figure? Are we to deduce that doctors want access to patients TO MAKE MONEY, and then don't really care if they do a good job or not? And perhaps, if you do TOO good a job and get better statistics than they do, THEY GO AFTER YOU, because you give them too much competition???

Lawyers tell me to "follow the money" to figure out the animus behind "stuff". Well, what does this look like?