Author: Nancy Lynn Rogers, MD Neurosurgeon
Subject: My story of "SHAM PEER REVIEW"

May 28, 2001

I am a board certified neurological surgeon trapped in a rerun of the Dukes of Hazard in Louisiana. I am the only female board certified neurological surgeon in Louisiana. I have been blackballed at several hospitals where I am not allowed to practice. While male neurosurgeons who have several malpractice settlements, drug abuse, and explosive tempers are treated like kings, I have been told that I cannot practice at my local community hospital because I am a disruptive bitch.

I have been practicing neurosurgery for 10 years now without a single malpractice judgment. While the male surgeons are given spacious dressing rooms to change for surgery, I have been delegated to a hook by the toilet. I have actually been "written up" as having a bad attitude because I asked if I could have a locker where I could keep my belongings while I am performing surgery. When I filed a complaint with the EEOC I was told that because I was a physician, the federal law against discrimination does not apply to me. I was told that because I was a physician in private practice the federal government had no jurisdiction or interest in whether I was a victim of discrimination. A federal court told me that I was not entitled to Title VII protection because I was a physician dealing with a private hospital. Despite a stellar academic and clinical record I was told that I could not practice neurosurgery in my community and then I was reported to the Federal Databank as a disruptive physician. Now I cannot get privileges anywhere. I have spent my life sacrificing for a goal that I finally achieved. I have been professionally raped and the federal government tells me they have no jurisdiction. I was anonymously reported to my State Board of Medical Examiners as being impaired. I passed my sanity examination with flying colors and I was thanked for my cooperation, however, the identity of the anonymous reporters is still protected.

I really need support during this demeaning horrible ordeal. I feel as though I have been professionally raped. I did not realize that this sort of thing could happen in the United States of America in 2001.

The Hospital involved is Northshore Regional Medical Center 100 Medical Center Drive Slidell, Louisiana 70461 Telephone 1-504-646-5000

Please call them and ask them why Dr. Nancy Lynn Rogers, Board Certified Neurosurgeon is not allowed to practice there. I would appreciate any suggestions or responses. Please forward your suggestions and comments to me:

Nancy Lynn Rogers MD 1001 Florida Avenue Slidell, Louisiana 70458