"Thrive - Not JUST Survive III:
Shark Proof Your Practice"

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    Richard Willner, President of The Center, enjoying Seattle after
    his lecture on "Sham Peer Review and State Board Abuse"

  5. Dr Willner's Handouts

    1. Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) of 1986. What is it? Why was it Established? Is it Working? By Richard B. Willner, President The Center for Peer Review Justice.

    2. Peer Review: Due Process or Professional Assassination? - A Texas case brings to light how the system can be contaminated by economic competition.

    3. How Law Ignores Medicine. -A “MD-JD” captures the essence of “procedural” due process vs. “substantive” due process. The Courts are willing to look into the procedural due process of a case but not the substantive due process.

    4. Should Due Process Be Part of Hospital Peer Review? There is no federal statute that requires peer review committees to observe due process.

    5. Databank Tune-Up. -The NPDB needs major improvements if it is to be reliable, says the United States General Accounting Office. You can help by checking your own record.

    6. The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners (TSBME ) Current Status and Ways of Improving this State Agency- By: Richard Willner, President The Center for Peer Review Justice

    7. TSBME Complaints Flow Chart

    8. State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH) Hearing and Appeal Process

    9. Unfair Disciplinary Proceedings by Boards. -By Andy Schlafly, Esq. AAPS General Counsel.  An excellent insight into the reality of State Medical Boards. A must read.

    Additional References:

    10. AAPS Forums. www.aapsonline.org See many sections on “Peer Review”.

    11. www.PeerReview.org The Center for Peer Review Justice, Inc.

    12. www.PeerReviewLAW.com (in construction )

    13. www.HCQIA.com (in construction) The Library of Peer Review

    14. www.SemmelweisSociety.net Semmelweis Society



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