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When you recruit our think tank into your defense plan, you get our expertise and experience for a custom plan... when to move quickly and when to wait. Every situation has it's own timing. 


Our Think Tank is a Network of Diverse professionals

  • Healthcare Lawyers many of which are CPRJ certified
  • Health care reporters
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Techies with a cause
  • "Graduates" physicians who have previously been shammed and now recovered

When you hire CPRJ you also get the full talents and resources of the GNN Network.


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GNN logo We have been an integral part of the GNN News network since 2000
We started with one computer and with basic data entry and grew to ten servers with multiple databases, Our PR was so hot and for so long that we forced EVERY ND Board of Podiatric Medicine member to resign. GNN broadcasts the inequities in the practice of medicine. We maintain databases on every field of medicine, healthcare legal precedents, healthcare lawyers, state medical boards, congressman involved in healthcare legislation. all the new compliance issues as well as up to date medical related news.

One of the first notable sham peer reviews took place in Oregon in the early 1980s. The physician who took it up with the courts was Dr. Patrick, and the Supreme Court ruled in his favor. As a result of the publicity surrounding this case, the Healthcare Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) was enacted in 1986. One of the concerns that arose from the Patrick case was a fear that no physician would want to participate in peer review if he or she could be potentially liable for a bad report.

The HCQIA gave immunity to hospitals and reviewers participating in peer review. This immunity has been abused by hospitals and physicians to harm "disruptive" physicians (ie, whistleblowers) or financial competitors. All one must say is: "Dr. Joe Blow is a bad doctor, which is my professional opinion in this peer review, and this hospital should get rid of him." And poof! Dr. Joe Blow, patient advocate, financial competitor, is gone! And the accusing physician is immune!

Slander by Medical Experts

What to do when your lawyer
did not give you the success he implied

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