Are "TIME", "NEWSWEEK", and "USA TODAY" Going To Be Investigating And....

by John L. Trench III, DPM

Will "TIME", "NEWSWEEK", and "USA TODAY" soon be airing this filthy laundry in the podiatry hamper: the persecution of Dr. Brian Gale by the far-less-qualified members of the North Dakota board?

I am thoroughly disgusted by the outrage being perpetrated against Dr. Gale by the ND board. That such action could ever be undertaken by a state board, with only flimsy excuses and trumped-up "complaints" as justification, is a travesty.

Just look at those "complaints": one was from a woman who opened a bottle of topical wart medication (acid) and spilled it on herself--you get that? SHE SPILLED IT ON HERSELF! Others are people who were originally surgical patients of one or another of the ND board members, and who"less than optimal" outcomes from their original surgeries. Dr. Gale undertook revisions, which left the patients demonstrably better off. The overwhelming majority of those "complaints" were apparently filed at the instigation of the ND board members. NOT ONE OF THOSE PATIENTS HAS EVER SUED DR. GALE FOR ANYTHING! Why not?

Because he didn't do anything wrong, that's why! Ask all the doctors who have consented to review the cases that are the focus of the "complaints": the ALL exonerate Dr. Gale. The ONLY exceptions are a tiny number of doctors solicited by the ND board itself--and they were, if I am not mistaken, friends of one or more of the members of that board. (If that is not accurate, someone please correct me in a reply to this post.)

That this could have gone on for so long, and cost Dr. Gale so much in terms of financial losses, emotional pain and upset, and damage to his reputation and his personal and professional life, and all in full view of the profession without ANY movement by the membership of the profession as a whole to put a stop to it--the efforts of Dr. Richard Willner are a noble and notable exception--is simply beyond belief.

Prospective students should take note of this, as a stark example of the "ethics" and "professionalism" of this field they are considering entering. Their tuition money and time will be much better spent elsewhere, in allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, or dentistry.

I happen to know that the editors of those publications mentioned above have been contacted and have received the suggestion that they should look into this matter--and into the actions and motives of the men on that board up in North Dakota. This issue has implications far beyond the destruction of one innocent man by jealous and self-interested rivals in positions of power. If they can get away with this for as long as they have, up there in North Dakota, it can happen anywhere--and almost certainly has! This is an issue of access to care for patients, of possible violations of civil rights, and of the possible perversion of government bodies intended to safeguard the interests and well-being of the public they were created to serve.

The actions of the North Dakota Board, the complicity of the North Dakota state government in those actions, and the detailed histories and motivations of the individuals on that board should make for some really interesting reading. I look forward to seeing where this all leads to!

The human cockroaches that infest this profession can't stand the light, and scurry away into the cracks and crevices whenever it comes on. Time to shine that light strong and steady, and see who scuttles to where up there in North Dakota.

Just my opinion, based upon the information I've seen to date. Visit the Brian Gale website for yourself and make up your own minds.

I wonder: do you suppose that "60 Minutes" might be interested in this little passion play the ND board has been putting on? How do you think the ND board members would react to finding "60 Minutes" film crews in their offices, lights on and microphones at the ready? Interesting thought, don't you think?

I wonder where can I find the telephone number for that show...?

John L. Trench III, DPM

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