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The CPRJ began after the crusade to prove the innocence of a single physician. In 2000, a podiatrist named Brian Gale worked for the head of the North Dakota Podiatry Board, and they subsequently had a falling out. Brian then began working for a group called Bismarck, which was in direct competition to his previous employer, the head of the board. After this move, he began being terrorized by the Podiatric Board. After filing suit, he twice lost in the Court of Appeals, then at the North Dakota Supreme Court.

In despair, and without any further avenues to pursue, he wrote a letter to fellow members of the profession and asked for their help. In stepped his savior, Dr. Richard Willner. Dr. Willner was curious as to how a physician with 4 years of residency training, the longest available residency for podiatrists, could possibly be such a "bad doctor" Of note, Dr. Gale had not a single malpractice suit. Brian Gale sent him 29 pounds of documents regarding his case, and Dr. Willner poured through these documents giving each his undivided attention.

At this time, the CPRJ initiated a public relations and media firm that became so powerful, it salvaged Dr. Gale's professional reputation, reinstated him in podiatric medicine, and resulted in the resignation of ALL the members of the North Dakota Board of Podiatric Medicine. As time passed, this public relations firm has continued to grow and become more influential. Through the utilization of technology and multiple databases, the CPRJ has been essential in highlighting problems with sham peer review and exposing those individuals who participate in this practice. These databases include healthcare writers of every national newspaper in the United States, many thousands of healthcare blogs, and every major television reporter covering healthcare stories.

The CPRJ has recently partnered with women's groups to specifically crusade for women faced with disparities in the medical workplace. These women's groups include political advocacy groups, women's blogs, individuals focused on women's studies in universities, and women politicians. The database formed with these partnerships includes demographic data which is maintained by a battery of committed volunteers nationwide.

The CPRJ database is used in the plight for physician justice. The headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, but this information is backed up in several states. With 11 years under its belt, the CPRJ has become exponentially more powerful than it was even in the beginning years of 2000. From the beginning, the CPRJ has sustained public relations for greater than a year for those affected. Physicians involved in sham peer review can finally even the playing field and have the chance to stand up for what they believe in: a true and just system.

CPRJ has partnered with the fastest growing medical society, the America's Medical Society,, to extend it's reach to Medical doctors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Nurses, Physician therapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, etc

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