Physician Victims of Sham Peer Review - (more listed in Members Only section)

Dr. Brian Gale - podiatrist in North Dakota. It's bad news when your competition "owns" the State Board of your specialty. A Peer Review Justice client that has his license back and is catching up on his bills! I have the scars of a sham peer review!
Oct 17, 2006 - Jay Schindler, MD, a neurosurgeon, won a major victory today when the Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment under HCQIA was DENIED (as to the relevant parties) today in his federal lawsuit in Wisconsin.

Jay is a really credible, honest and driven physician. Patient care is his passion in life and he was frankly a victim of his own success, being shammed only because he was more efficient and productive than his competitors. His ouster was based essentially on a single complicated case. He and his wife Jean have fought courageously against the powerful defendants in his case and today it paid off.
Dr. Steven Dilsaver - Outstanding psychiatrist wishes to return to his home state of California to practice medicine and is placed on severe probation in spite of begin licensed in several other states and being a widely recognized researcher and author of many journal articles in the field of psychiatry. No malpractice cases, no criminal charges; just the stigma of admitting to a prior treatment for a mental illness over 5 years ago.
Dr. Philip J Leonard  - NEVER place a bottle of lidocaine or keep a cell phone in your pants pocket.
Dr. Pat Herrera - An Alabama physician receives an inquiry on his prescriptions for pain killers from an insurance company, at the same time that two teenagers (who had no relationship to Dr Herrera) die of an overdose. A media feeding frenzy results. The state board shows it's muscle by revoking Herrera's license. A judge has demanded reinstatement...but the board has not given up. Currently he has his license but can't write prescriptions! 2012 update.. he is back in practice!!
Dr. Lorraine Martinez - a temporary hospital suspension escalates out of control for a New Mexico obstetrician/gynecologist.
Lydia Grotti, MD- 8/22/2003 Temporary Win! (Follow Link for story)
Details of her case the fight continues
Laura Crafton, MD - Dr Crafton was Shammed Peer Reviewed when she had a contract dispute with the Hospital. Laura was particularly well loved as she ministered to the spiritual needs of her patients as well. Dr Crafton has never been sued for malpractice in her entire long career!! Dr Crafton's name is included in the National Practitioner Data Bank and can no longer practice Medicine. Think Laura is a "Bad Doc"? Please read on...
Robert Weitzel, MD, Psychiatrist - Utah pain physician charged with murder;
When he asked, Dr. Weitzel was told he was being investigated because he was "a psychiatrist prescribing opiates".
Dr James ThompsonHCA whistleblower
Annelle Blanchard, MD, Peer Reviewed To Death !! 
Dr Ron Virmani - a OB-GYN claims he faced racial discrimination in the peer review process and can't have access to 20 years of peer review records to prove his case.
Clive Sinoff M.D -  an oncologist in Cleveland, Ohio. Even now, Dr. Sinoff is wading through the mine field of "peer review."
Roland Chalifoux,MD, - Dallas Texas, Neurosurgeon Featured in Due Process or Personal Assassination - more info in the Members only section
Robert J. Sinaiko, M.D - under investigation and prosecution by the California Medical Board, primarily because they challenge his right to engage in decisions about care grounded in clinical experience, academic research and framed by a thorough informed consent procedure. At the heart of their complaint was his use of the allergy treatment approach now widely preferred in England, Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD). While safer, more effective, more efficient and ultimately more economical, the Medical Board challenged my right as an allergist to have access to this treatment. 
Dr David Odom - Fairbanks, Alaska anesthesiologist- won in the courts in April but the hospital continues to fight back...( complaints began when he started to form a free-standing outpatient surgical center.)
Dr Lawrence Bailey
Dr Nancy Lynn Rogers - Louisiana neurosurgeon feels like she's caught in a Dukes of Hazard episode- unfortunately it's real!
Dr. Margaret Nordell
Dr. Carl Bernofsky -  Tulane's discrimination, defamation, and retaliation Against Jewish Professor of Medicine Asserted in wrongful termination and subsequent lawsuits
Dr. Sundar Nilavar - My only crime was being very vocal advocate of quality issues in patient care and refuse to dance to the tune of Admn. I told them orally & in writing that I will try to do the best I can to my patients (as if they are my family) without regard to interest of Hosp Admn or HMOs or any other bottom line oriented pencil pushers!
Dr. Martin Goldman -Jackson County Circuit Judge John Moran found that the hospital denied due process to Dr. Martin Goldman, the head of Truman's radiology department, when it sought to remove him in December 1997.
Bahram Zamanian, M.D - cardiologist in New Orleans, LA. Note the discussion of bad faith peer review and the law in the legal opinion from the circuit court of appeals.
John Minarcik, MD - a Florida pathologist who was jumped on by a large hospital chain. Even though the courts backed him, the hospital just won't quit!
David A. Shaller, M.D. contested his dismissal from the Veterans Administration after he protested substandard care of patients on ventilators by persons untrained in same.
Dr. Stephen W. Smith, US Army - Stephen Smith took on the entire Army. And even though he "won" they continue to take potshots. For detailed info visit his website.
Tai-Min Chen MD - Suspension; Fort Wayne, IN April 27, 2000
P.V. Patel, MD - Midland, Texas cardiologist
Dr Patton
Dr Conner (California) -Conner was denied reappointment to Salina following a peer review panel recommended against the reappointment. The district court said it was private and there were no federal grounds
Pankaj Desai, MD - New York plastic surgeon decided to expand his practice; competition went into attack mode
More Tales of bad faith or "sham" peer review - growing list...EPIDEMIC
"Peer Review Can Be Deadly"

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