Clive Sinoff, MD


  • Education and Training in South Africa
    1973 MD Degree (MB, BCh there)
  • 1974 Registered as Medical Practitioner
  • 1980 Registered in Internal Medicine
  • 1982 Completed Fellowship in Medical Oncology ( There was no specialist register for this at that time.
  • 1982-1987 Private Practice, the Senior Specialist, Senior Lecturer Baragwanath Hospital and University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa. Acting Head of Hematology Unit at Baragwanath Hospital.
  • Excellent reports from Students and Colleagues
    1998-12/1995 Medical Oncologist, Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Center, Sudbury, Ontario. In this time he passed the LMCC and obtained a medical license for Ontario, passed the Royal College of Canada examinations in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.
  • January 1995 Appointed Regional Chief, Hematology-Oncology, Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland, OH.
Clive Sinoff M.D. is a Medical Oncologist in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Sinoff been a medical oncologist since 1982 and has always received favorable reports from patients, nurses, colleagues etc.

In January 1995, Dr. Sinoff was appointed as Regional Chief of Hematology Oncology in Cleveland. Once again he got excellent reports and reviews until December 1995, when he was suddenly demoted with a variety reasons being given.

In May, Dr. Sinoff was suddenly placed on administrative leave and told he was the subject of a peer review, apparently going on for 5 months. At the end of May 2000, with ONLY ONE week notice, Dr. S. had to appear before the peer review committee. They had provided him the previous week with highly selected portions of the medical records of 10 cases going back to April 1995. Although Dr. S. requested access and copies of the full charts and X-rays, this was denied him.

The only oncologist to review the "case summaries" was a Kaiser Permanente employee in a different region. There were no oncologists on the peer review committee, and they did not have a written report from their "expert".

From information gleaned at the "interview" and information subsequently supplied by the committee, it is pretty clear that all or almost all the cases were reported by, and it seems reviewed by, a single hostile member of Dr. Sinoff's department. Although the medical director and others spontaneously and repeatedly denied this individuals involvement, his trademarks were everywhere.

Strangely, although they selected 10 (later 11) cases from more than 900 consults in that period, not a single case had an adverse outcome as a result Dr. Sinoff's medical decisions or recommendations.

In fact, Dr. Sinoff's patients were doing remarkably well, a fact acknowledged by his close and wonderful partner for the 5 years, oncology nurses, and physicians in other specialties. According to the Medical Director, this was just because of good luck.

Dr. Sinoff is currently at the point of an Internal Hearing. He does not have any expectations in that regard, but he believes that his case is so strong that he will eventually prevail in court.

In the interim, it is difficult finding potential employment or hospital privileges with this assumed black mark against Dr. Sinoff's name. Of course, that is no surprise to anyone who has experienced similar tragedy. Stay tuned for more on Dr. Sinoff's travails through the "peer review" process.
Practice in United States 1995- present
Medical Oncology until 2001
Pain Medicine 2002 -August 2011
Prolotherapy 2004 to present

September 2002 July 2011 (8 years 11 months) Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

Internal medicine, including treatment and monitoring of chronic conditions.
Orthopedic medicine, with expertise in Prolotherapy and Laser Therapy for treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, whether due to injury or degenerative conditions.

Examples include:
Work injuries
Automobile injuries
Back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Neck and Shoulder pain
Hip, knee and foot pain
Weight reduction,
Smoking cessation
Mind body medicine

He is currently evaluating positions in Corporate Health and Wellness or out-patient Internal Medicine. He intends to establish a part-time practice of prolotherapy

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