The apathy from other medical professionals re HCQIA abuse or a matter of fact any injustice/unfairness going on around them to fellow brethren either in hospital setting or otherwise is simply appalling. As long as their b**t is not on the frying pan, they are glad that it is you and not them! Either they are 'gutless wonders' - hear your story, sigh with sympathy and turn the other way, to carry on their business as usual. Then, there are BOHICAs (bend over here it comes again!) who invariably sit on all the key committees, check the right boxes and take immense joy in watching you getting fried!

This comes my personal experience in 20 + years of private practice (NO Contract), with three B certification ( Rad, Nucl Rad plus Managed Care Medicine in 2001), squeaky clean credential files from 3 hospitals in 20 yrs with not a single letter of complaint from either physician, patient, nurse or technician.

To this date. my mal-pract Ins carrier has paid ZERO to anybody! If I can lose my privileges (without due process or right of hearing) by a sham scheme designed and executed by my ex-partner ( supreme BOHICA) in conspiracy and blessings of Hosp Adm , imagine the fate of a young Med graduate or a doc with less than kosher professional history! Worse, can I trust my own doctor to do the right thing for me in these kind of hospitals!

My only crime was being very vocal advocate of quality issues in patient care and refuse to dance to the tune of Admn. I told them orally & in writing that I will try to do the best I can to my patients (as if they are my family) without regard to interest of Hosp Admn or HMOs or any other bottom line oriented pencil pushers! I am getting persecuted and punished for my beliefs by a powerful Health system with no accountability, sham social values and blinded with arrogant corporate power.

I don't even need a hand, to count the number of docs willing to support me! You become a persona non grata immediately both professionally and socially! So I know, how it feels to be victim. My legal bills nearing 7 digits and still counting! My fight goes on and entering 8th year! Do you think I got a $ from any body or any of the ORGs I used to be a member? Needless to say this has become a personal mission for me.

Sundar V. Nilavar, M.D


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