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hotline for help 504-621-1670

The CPRJ has been fighting for the rights of medical professionals since 2000. We  have developed custom strategies to address both the type of accusations as well as the source. In addition to services to individual practitioners, we are involved in changing the political climate to be friendlier to both physicians and patients. We have helped numerous medical providers retain their profession and regain their dignity.

The FIRST  thing to do when Sham Peer Reviewed,
Summary Suspended or
when you get a Letter from your State Medical Board

Mission: The purpose of The Center for Peer Review Justice is to:

  • Consulting Sham Peer Review Defense

  • spotlight sham medical peer review

  • provide resources for both victims of sham peer review and their legal counsel

  • work together to bring about legislative and judicial change

  • network to voice concerns regarding due process, confidentiality and the politics involved in the medical professions

  • share our victories and defeats

Preamble - What we believe in!

GNN logo We have been an integral part of the GNN News network since 2000
We started with one computer and with basic data entry and grew to ten servers with multiple databases, Our PR was so hot and for so long that we forced EVERY ND Board of Podiatric Medicine member to resign. GNN broadcasts the inequities in the practice of medicine. We maintain databases on every field of medicine, healthcare legal precedents, healthcare lawyers, state medical boards, congressman involved in healthcare legislation. all the new compliance issues as well as up to date medical related news.

Services offered by the Center….

  1. "Extra" Judicial or "Extra"- legal services. Necessary services that your lawyer does not offer  The opposing side enjoys "immunity" and as such, it takes away any advantage the Peer Reviewed Doctor might have
  2. Management of the media to get the truth out
  3. Consulting Sham Peer Review Defense
  4. Legal Consulting by Center lawyers
  5. Negotiation
  6. Legal Referral Service.  "The best lawyer is not the most expensive one."  Is your lawyer CPRJ Certified? Check with us for one in your area.
  7. Lectures on "Physician Peer Review Abuse" and/or  State Medical Board Abuse to your organization or medical society
  8. Protecting your practice from some of the possible pitfalls that may result in sham peer review by offering compliance training to your staff... Prevention is the best medicine.
  9. Other services
CPRJ Think Tank

When you recruit our think tank into your defense plan, you get our expertise and experience for a custom plan... when to move quickly and when to wait. Every situation has it's own timing.  When you hire CPRJ you also get the full talents and resources of the GNN Network.


We are available to lecture and have presentations on the following topics:
  1. Physician Peer Review Abuse (Sham Peer Review)
  2. State Medical Board Abuse
  3. National Practitioner Database Solutions
  4. Medical Office Compliance (Dr Willner is a Certified Medical Office Compliance Officer)   follow link to find out why you need this resource
  5. A topic of your choice.

Sham Peer Review: No Evidentiary Standards.

The Center for Peer Review Justice
August 27, 2014
Legal positivism seems to me how the courts have arrived at the "the facts don't matter" or the "accusation is sufficient proof" evidential standard regarding "Sham Peer Review" under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 ( HCQIA ) as long as the process is identifiable and seems reasonable purely as a process and there is some identifiable concern, however divorced from the facts.  
Legal positivists make some distinctive claims about what constitutes legal validity. It is difficult to improve on the following introduction offered by Leslie Green:
"Whether a society has a legal system depends on the presence of certain structures of governance, not on the extent to which it satisfies ideals of justice, democracy, or the rule of law. What laws are in force in that system depends on what social standards its officials recognize as authoritative; for example, legislative enactments, judicial decisions, or social customs. The fact that a policy would be just, wise, efficient, or prudent is never sufficient reason for thinking that it is actually the law, and the fact that it is unjust, unwise, inefficient or imprudent is never sufficient reason for doubting it. According to positivism, law is a matter of what has been posited (ordered, decided, practiced, tolerated, etc.); as we might say in a more modern idiom, positivism is the view that law is a social construction."
What is the relevance of the medical record under this "accusation is final proof standard"?   HCQIA obviously does not  authorize fraud in the tampering and redaction of medical records intended to guide a decision or conceal hospital agent liability in front of a physician review panel,  but, in my experience over 14 years, this is the norm.  Commonly, only certain parts of the medical record is send out for medical review.  So, obviously, the report comes back damning the surgeon under peer review.   Spoliation that is in the normal practice of corporate peer review is the normal but indefensible on moral if not legal grounds.
A Peer Review defense lawyer one told me that "100% of cases" he has taken to the Peer Review Hearing there had been significant record spoliation  and even if by some miracle if these cases would have judicial review at a later date, the judges being lawyers and not physicians tend to support the evaluation of doctors without reviewing the facts de novo.
Does this judge make the "twist on the burden of proof" and the absence of any evidentiary standard in "the standards section of the law" thus authorize actual fraud on the medical record when it  comes to the "corporate" peer review process under HCQIA?  This would be the essential difference between "corporate peer review" and traditional or non-corporate peer review.
Corporate peer review even though it confirms to the process laid out in HCQIA and the catechism  of corporate defense work should be void against public policy for its lack of evidentiary standards.
Even the almost inevitable submission of the doctor's name to the National Practitioner's Data Bank ( The Data Bank) does not require an evidentiary standard.   The unique public-private partnership of the NPDB takes it's marching orders to the will of the corporate interests of the Executive Board, full of corporate types in the private sector, which is hidden from the public.
I understand  the jurisdictional issues between state and federal, but I think it is interesting when a state court interprets federal law differently from how it's own federal court has interpreted it. 
Congressional House Bill  HR 2472 that was retired by the last Congress would have added substantive due process  to accompany the HCQIA guaranteed procedural due process rights, a hearing ( chance of the doctor prevailing less than 5%)  of physicians  ( MDs, DOs, DPMs, and DDSs ) as well as to add evidentiary safeguards in the quest to curtail the spoliation of evidence in the Medical Record and in the Expert's reviews.   It got only 15 co-sponsors, all Congresssmen-physicians.
No Procedural Due Process...  No Evidentiary Standards... Looks like Physicians and Surgeons, under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 ( HCQIA ) remain the only group without their Civil Rights.
Shocking, isn't it?



Description of disease:

The scientific method generally involves collecting data, making observations, developing theories on the basis of those observations, performing tests of those theories under controlled circumstances, and finally, taking a course of action if those tests prove the theories. Sham peer review is a backward malignant bastardization of the scientific method. It involves making a decision to take the action, then asking minions to collect the data to support the arbitrary decision. It happens in the corporate world every day, i.e., an executive wants to fire an employee, so he asks his lackeys to "get the documentation". This is exactly what happens to physicians in sham peer review as well.

Peer review is a healthy, scientific, positive process by which physicians review what their peers are doing, looking at variances, and studying the how simple outcomes of these variances, and then making recommendations based on these studies. If Dr. X does things differently from Dr. Y and Dr. Z, let's look at Dr. X's outcomes, and if they are not as good as Dr. Y's or Dr. Z's outcomes, perhaps Dr. X might consider changing his methods in order to improve patient care. The course of action usually involves additional education, and punitive actions really have no role in this type of process.

Sham peer review however is not at all concerned with improving patient care, it is usually motivated by corporate profits, greed, or sometimes merely as a personal vendetta if there has been a long-standing or intense animosity towards the physician. It is intended to get a physician "out of the way", perhaps kicked off of a medical staff, or even imprisoned, because he stands in the way of corporate profits even, or especially, if he is a whistleblower on the corporation's illegal or dangerous actions, although the physician may be acting out of a genuine concern for patient safety and care.


Sham peer review is routinely used by hospital corporations and is currently at epidemic proportions. We know of many outstanding, good, ethical physicians who are currently no longer practicing his profession and support their families. Corporations use lawyers, the physician's personal enemies and economic competitors, and even legislators and law enforcement officials to help them in this bastardization of the peer review process. Sham peer reviewers are often successful if their financial resources dwarf the monetary resources of the physician they are trying to destroy. One of the main difficulties which the sham peer reviewer faces is keeping his true motives hidden, so the corporations which have slick public relations departments and are skilled at press releases, are often the most effective.


A good general rule is, any charges against a physicians methods which are not the result of medical staff committees staffed by physicians acting in accordance with medical staff bylaws, is strong suspicion for "SHAM" peer review. Truth often has no meaning in the sham peer review campaign, only the amount of efficient "spin" which the sham peer reviewer can generate, much in the same way that a lawyer is not interested in the truth when he is defending a known murderer, or a prosecuting attorney is interested in the truth because he simply wants to win his case also. Evidence which interferes with winning cases, even if it is truth, is generally disregarded or hidden. It is very common that the physician targeted for Bad Faith Peer Review has no history of medical malpractice suits or complaints to the State Medical Board.
An effective treatment is to consult with the Center for Peer Review Justice (www.PeerReview.org) We invite your email at " info@PeerReview.org  " or a call on the Sham Peer Review Hotline: 504-621-1670

Call The Center at 504-621-1670 or email us for details

Educating Doctors Against Sham Peer Review

Frequently the careers of physicians and other medical professionals are threatened by sudden challenges, many of which are motivated by bad faith on the part of hospital administrators and other practitioners.

If you are being accused of providing substandard care, being a "disruptive physician" or any other claim that calls into question your ability to practice medicine safely, you could be facing consequences including the following:

  • Loss of hospital privileges
  • Loss of your license
  • A listing in the National Practitioner Data Bank
  • Administrative, regulatory or criminal penalties
  • Federal health care programs exclusion

You need an experienced team with custom strategies to guide you through each stage of the process and stand up for your rights.  The administrative hearings do not follow the same "due process" rule of law that are used in a courtroom.  Are you and your legal team experienced in these frequently closed door meetings?

Call The Center at 504-621-1670 or email us for details

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Peer Review Justice


Rich delivers his message with force and passion

Modern Peer Review Is Often A Sham!

By Richard Willner

There was a time not so long ago when Doctors could have disputes with hospitals and simply move on. Nowadays, the hospital uses a fraudulent peer review to destroy the doctor’s career.

The reason for this is to control the health care dollar and to diminish the bond of trust between physicians and patients and sell the snake oil of falsified hospital quality ratings to the public.

The parties who have become the defector credentialing authorities of physicians are corporate lawyers whose firms represent banking, insurance, cigarette companies, asbestos manufacturers and other gross offenders of health and well being of ordinary people in the pursuit of profit.

These law firms comprise the roster of the Health lawyers association, and they are accomplished defenders of pseudoscience to serve their clients bottom line so the psycho babble of the quality movement is right up their alley.

We are way beyond the tipping point. But, sadly individual Physicians are too overwhelmed with caring for forced over-documentation, complying with too many Federal organizations who will fine or put a doctor in jail, and when they have time, caring for the sick.

Doctors are fixated at Obama care for a very good reason. It is beyond horrible and only understood by those who read the Law and know that the hundred thousand pages of Regulations will follow.

They don’t understand there are no “appeal rights” for the patient. And, it is Government and they will control everything in its sight “to death”.

Government has no feeling. If an expensive Medicare patient should die a month early, well, I can see the Government accountants dancing in delight!!

How wrong Doctors are to ignore today’s battles at the state level. Doctors don’t care as “it does not affect me”. In time, the losses that physicians and surgeons suffer in one state gain speed and arrive in ALL states. And, when it is at your state, it is too late.

No Physician organization is fighting these battles that can be won. Often, battles are won by just one man who can persuade legislators on what the real issues are and how their ideas destroy the patient-doctor relationship. The issues are Big Money, Big Power and Big Control.

It is all about our special idealism that kept us going in Med School and in our Residency. It was our overwhelming desire to be the absolutely best doctor we could be.

We weren’t driven by money but to excel in the care for one patient at a time. We wanted to be perfect even at our 36th hour awake. Our focus was super-human. We gave up our lives to learn our craft.

There is no question that the doctor no longer controls the “patient experience”.

But, if we want to win the big war, we can start by winning each small battle.

And this is a war that we must win as America trusts their precious health not to the suits or Government but to…. American Physicians


by Richard Willner, CEO
The Center for Peer Review Justice

Regarding "Suspended Physician's Hearing Put on Hold" ( AMNews ): The concept of a patent's alleged "imminent danger" coupled with legal immunities guaranteed by the federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 ( "HCQIA") and similar state laws, followed by the Courts' reluctance it second guess physicians' "professional" opinions, can lead to terrifying results for the physician under fire. Both medical institutions ( e.g. hospitals) and state medical boards can play the "summary suspension" trump card on a hapless victim without fear of significant legal liability or effective judicial review. The physician being so attacked has little recourse, and he or she may suffer terrible and irreparable monetary loss, even if demonstrably "not guilty". (read more)

(follow up on this particular case - Gil N. Mileikowsky, MD)

This is America!! Why no Justice for Physicians and Surgeons?

Physician Brownouts and Hospital Liability
Shifting Up Due to Obama Care

by Richard Willner, CEO
The Center for Peer Review Justice

I am not shocked to see such a sharp uptick in “Physician Brownout’ sham peer review cases.  Physician Brownout is a term Richard Willner coined to describe a special kind of peer review or professional retaliation which involves liability shifting for nursing error or any of a number of events where a hospitals has liability for its agents.
“After 11 years and hundreds of cases, you get to be a bit of an epidemiologist on sham peer review. (read more)

Health Care Fraud and Accrual Based Accounting

by Richard Willner, CEO
The Center for Peer Review Justice
May 18, 2011

Health care fraud is a double entry system of accounting. We must discipline our thinking to reflect that of the accountant and lawyer so engaged in order to find the crooks and gather evidence of their misdeeds. It is pointless to completely focus on the all too necessary whining and sniveling and cross examination of our self worth that the system forces us to do. We eventually only bail water into our own boats and vomit on our friends.
Every time you hear about sham peer review of independent doctors, ask yourself what is on the credit side of each equation. Richard Willner is the chief epidemiologist of this. Is it in the thousands? (read more)

SUCCESSFUL  FOLLOW-UPS  -  shared with permission of our former clients. Not all of our clients wish to divulge their stories

10 + YEARS  -- BRIAN GALE.  
7,8 YEARS --  FEMALE  ENT 18 months out of the OR.  got her back into her own OR.  No Courts

We just had a Five Year Follow-up of a Sham Peer Review Case.

What is interesting about this case is that this surgeon was suspended, and we got him back to the SAME hospital O.R very quickly., No data banking, No referral to the Physicians Health Program, No referral to the State Medical Board , AND we were able to get this entire matter expunged. This was 5 years ago and there have been no "Reactive Sham Peer Reviews". He knew that I was available at the other end of the phone. And, yes, he called me thru the years and we "talked out" every professional issue he had.
No question this is an unusual case with a perfect ending. Every doctor I work with knows that like in Medicine and in Law, there are no guarantees, no assurances and no refunds. Frankly, it is very challenging to get a win as the Hospital has EVERY legal advantage as well as IMMUNITY. The period of the suspension for the surgeon is a time of unspeakable stress and overwhelming fear. Much of what goes on in Sham Peer Review is not within my control or influence. That is just common sense. This surgeon listened to me intently and followed my suggestions. He understood that the accepted literature on Sham Peer Review reveals a zero to 5 percent success using "traditional methods".

It has been my pleasure and privilege consulting with Physicians and Surgeons over the past 12 years. --- Richard Willner 12/28/12
Richard, I am sitting here today after coming back from a consult wearing the same scrubs that I was wearing Friday July 13, 2007. I know these are the fateful scrubs since I can still see the pen marks of hasty notes I made on the scrubs after the hospital chief of staff summarily suspended me on Friday the 13th.

At the time, I had no clue what the summary suspension meant. I did not understand what peer review meant and ultimately I had no clue what I was facing. My mother was a retired physician and as a woman minority she had only one piece of advice FIGHT. She was willing to lend me her retirement money to set things straight. In the days that followed I spoke with colleagues, risk managers, and proceeded to undergo a sham peer review which felt like I was in wonderland thru the looking glass. My friends at the hospital were worthless and now I know who my true friends are.

Everyone told me get an attorney, sue, claim discrimination etc... I still cant remember exactly how I found you but I believe it was after I Gogled some articles about hospital review and found the term "peer review". That ultimately led me to a cross road. I had contacted 3 attorneys and you. I was surprised when you called me so quickly and your original supposition/observation that I might be stressed out was 1000% correct. When you meet someone on the internet it is hard to believe if what they are saying is true or complete fabrication so we talked and talked and talked.

I took your advice, testing it along the way. I was able to turn the heat/anger down by taking a conciliatory route while at the same time negotiating with the hospital with an attorney that was interested in solving the problem not dragging it out. After comparing notes with other physicians which spent 50,100, 200, 300 thousand dollars I realize how lucky I was.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with my mother (retired neurologist) since she was the only person whose advice I trusted and she wanted to fight to the last dollar. I am also glad that I took you advice on avoiding publicity, public discussion, reports to JCAPHO and the state. Ultimately those efforts would have painted the hospital and medial staff into a corner and they would have National Practitioner Databanked me as well as reporting me to the state board for certain.

Your advice reminds me a lot of the cognitive benefit of the internist. Sometimes doing nothing or advising to do nothing can avoid unproductive costly intervention and mistakes. That is a lot more difficult to quantify then performing a surgery but far more valuable to the patient. Unfortunately not all patients appreciate that when I give them advice to have no surgery or prescribe no medications during a consultation. The cognitive is truly very difficult to quantify.

The end result of my current summary suspension is that the summary suspension has been lifted, full privileges have been restored and the chief of staff has agree to expunge the summary suspension. I was able to settle with the hospital with an agreement which left my privileges intact and was a complete win for me. The hospital Medical Executive Committee has approved the agreement and last I heard from the attorney the board will endorse the MEC approval.

Just in time for my birthday today! That was a hell of a gift. I wish it had a receipt so I could return the damn thing but it was a tremendous learning experience.

Thank you for all your advice and I have referred a few colleagues who have been databanked or have a peer review sham pending.
S. O. MD

Winner of the Semmelweis Society's Clean Hands Award!!

26 Oct – Nashville - The Board of Directors is proud to announce that Dr. Richard Willner, is the Semmelweis Society International “Clean Hands Award” recipient for 2010.

Tireless Advocate

Rich Willner honored with Clean Hands AwardCivil litigation is not for everyone, but Dr. Willner has successfully kept physicians employed – even when facing seemingly hopeless odds.

“Litigation is very time-consuming.  One is out of the operating room for prolonged periods of time, it costs a fortune and the rate of success is very poor,” says Willner.

In one case, Dr. Willner’s work led to the resignation of an entire State Podiatric Medical Board.

Among the many ‘thank you’ letters are examples of gratitude for expunging records, reinstated licenses, and prevented data banking – cases that included a neurologist subjected to a criminal trial.  Thanks to Dr. Willner, his medical license was reinstated.

Dr. Willner applies a sound approach to prevent Data Banking by counseling physicians labeled as “disruptive” and getting them back into practice within the specified time limits.  In extreme cases, he has had cases expunged entirely.

SSI commends Dr. Willner for untold hours of mentoring and counseling.  His body of work attests to his love of medicine and deep admiration for honorable physicians.

For more information about Dr. Willner, contact us:

Center for Peer Review Justice

Call The Center at 504-621-1670 or email us for details

Announcing the honoree of the Center for Peer Review Justice Award

 Healthcare Reporter of the Year

Steve Twedt of the Pittsburg Post Gazette

"The Cost of Courage"

How To Protect Physician Whistleblower Patient
Advocates from Retaliation


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Just provide your email for the Latest News!

Your personal information will be kept in strict confidence
and only used to answer your questions or update you on events.

Specialty: Consulting Sham Peer Review Defense

CPRJ:  Development of PR and Media Department

The CPRJ began after the crusade to prove the innocence of a single physician.  In 2000, a podiatrist named Brian Gale worked for the head of the North Dakota Podiatry Board, and they subsequently had a falling out.  Brian then began working for a group called Bismarck, which was in direct competition to his previous employer, the head of the board.  After this move, he began being terrorized by the Podiatric Board.  After filing suit, he twice lose in the Court of Appeals, then at the North Dakota Supreme Court.

In despair, and without any further avenues to pursue, he wrote a letter to fellow members of the profession and asked for their help.  In stepped his savior, Dr. Richard Willner.  Dr. Willner was curious as to how a physician with 4 years of residency training, the longest available residency for podiatrists, could possibly be such a "bad doctor"  Of note, Dr. Gale had not a single malpractice suit.  Brian Gale sent him 29 pounds of documents regarding his case, and Dr. Willner poured through these documents giving each his undivided attention.  

At this time, the CPRJ initiated a public relations and media firm that became so powerful, it salvaged Dr. Gale's professional reputation, reinstated him in medicine, and resulted in the resignation of ALL the members of the North Dakota Board of Podiatric Medicine.  As time passed, this public relations firm has continued to grow and become more influential.  Through the utilization of technology and multiple databases, the CPRJ has been essential in highlighting problems with sham peer review and exposing those individuals who participate in this practice.  These databases include healthcare writers of every national newspaper in the United States, many thousands of healthcare blogs, and every major television reporter covering healthcare stories.

The CPRJ has recently partnered with women's groups to specifically crusade for women faced with disparities in the medical workplace.  These women's groups include political advocacy groups, women's blogs, individuals focused on women's studies in universities, and women politicians.  The database formed with these partnerships includes demographic data which is maintained by a battery of committed volunteers nationwide.

The CPRJ database is used in the plight for physician justice. The headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, but this information is backed up in several states.  With 12 years under its belt, the CPRJ has become exponentially more powerful than it was even in the beginning years of 2000.  From the beginning, the CPRJ has sustained public relations for greater than a year for those affected.  Physicians involved in sham peer review can finally even the playing field and have the chance to stand up for what they believe in:  a true and just system.

CPRJ has partnered with the fastest growing medical society, the America's Medical Society, www.AmericasMedicalSociety.com , to extend it's reach to Medical doctors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Nurses, Physician therapists,  Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, etc

Slave Labor and Liability?
The Effect of EMTALA on Physicians

Where do the complaints come from?

Medical Tuesday Network
Physicians, Professional and Information Technology Communities
 Networking to Restore Accountability in HealthCare & Medical Practice

Have you Joined?

Blogs being developed for specific arenas

Hospital Peer Review

Physician Peer Review

Surgeons Peer Review

 Conferences - More TBA

Dr Richard Willner,  Faculty member in Seattle Conference
 Thrive - Not JUST Survive III: "Shark Proof Your Practice"

Agenda from San Antonio Conference
Thrive - Not JUST Survive II: "Shark Proof Your Practice"

Dr Willner quoted or featured in the Media

(click on link to read article)

Should " DUE PROCESS RIGHTS " be part of hospital peer review?

By Judge Scott E. Segall and William Pearl, MD

....There is no federal statute that requires peer review committees to observe due process, which the Supreme Court has defined as giving written notice of the actions contemplated, convening a hearing, allowing both sides to present evidence at the hearing, and having an independent adjudicator 

 ... Because the HCQIA mandates the reporting of disciplinary actions of peer review committees to the National Practitioner Data Bank, such a report could harm a physician's career throughout the nation

... Additionally, there is no requirement that the physician be given notice and an opportunity to be heard, and there is no requirement that members of the peer review committee be unbiased. The HCQIA recommends that the physician should get notice of the allegations, time to prepare for a hearing, a list of witnesses, the right to legal counsel, and an impartial fact finder.

... However, the act concludes "A professional review body's failure to meet the conditions described in this subsection shall not, in itself, constitute failure to meet the standards of this act)." This failure of the HCQIA to require due process calls into question the fundamental fairness of the medical peer review system..

...The purpose of requiring due process is to ensure that the actions taken are not arbitrary, capricious, or unreasonable. Where there is no due process, the system invites abuse  

...Peer review in its current form fails to protect an investigated physician from committee members having an economic or personal bias. Economic bias occurs when a committee member has a financial interest in the outcome. 

...Personal bias is inevitable when coworkers judge each other. Some people are very likable, and others illuminate the room by their absence.

...Federal law prohibits a federal judge from hearing cases in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned or in which he has a financial interest (11). The same standards should apply to member of a peer review committee. The potential for abuse when these suggested procedures are not followed would indicate the need for mandatory due process.

 ...The effects of an adverse peer review decision are no longer limited to the relationship between a physician and a hospital. The decision becomes part of the National Practitioner Data Bank. Medical peer review must provide physicians the protections of due process.

These are excerpts...for Full Article follow Link  

Check out our new affiliate at War on Doctors - There has been a battle pursuing doctors for years. Now it seems to be on all fronts.  Enlist in the Battle.

Slander by Medical Experts

What to do when your lawyer
did not give you the success he implied

CPRJ Certification
Is your lawyer CPRJ Certified?

Note these are not all CPRJ cases, but used as examples of the pervasiveness of
sham peer review... many of our clients have requested privacy

Plaintiff wins Case against Databank!!!
Cuthbert O Simpkins, MD pages 1-7


A PEER REVIEW WIN!!! - David M Odom, MD - Alaska


Probing legal questions  - you need to ask when charges are brought against you
                  - we will help you find answers at the Center for Peer Review Justice
- Consulting Sham Peer Review Defense

Are "TIME", "NEWSWEEK" and "USA TODAY" Going To Be
Investigating ....

Hospital Peer Review Issues


What Others are Saying about the Center

We do not showcase our wins as people deserve their privacy. However, I do show their "Thank you notes" with their initials with their permission.

Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 10:59 PM
Subject: What it's Like to Work with Richard Willner

One word INTENSE! He never gives up and never gives in!! He will call you at anytime of day or night whenever he gets a good idea. If he tells you to do something that you think is strange or
even crazy, just do it. He is much more experienced about what he does then you will ever be.

Winning isn't everything with Richard, it the ONLY thing! You will know this within the first five minutes you talk to him. He is tough, blunt and relentless and all those are compliments. I cannot predict the future outcome but do know that everything will be left out on the field of battle. All efforts will be expended.

That"s what it means to work with Richard Willner.



Dr. Richard Willner is an expert in government program compliance and reversing sham peer review. His track record is outstanding in both categories. Dr. Willner is dedicated to his work in righting the wrongs of absolute power. He is an exemplary consultant, worthy adversary and man of many talents."

Craig Wax, DO 12/6/12

"Dr. Willner is an experienced advocate. He represents physicians and other licensed health care providers around the country who have been accused of wrongdoing and are facing the loss of their hospital privileges and / or their license to practice medicine. Notably, Dr. Willner has been able to succeed in cases where legal representation may have failed. While there are some cases where even Dr. Willner may not ultimately prevail, his clients are assured of a hard-fought battle on their behalf. As an attorney, I heartily welcome Dr. Willner's expertise and assistance in peer review cases." October 1, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
1st Robert W. Liles

hired Richard as a Doctor in 2006, and hired Richard more than once

"Actually, I have asked his advice and he has mine, and we both discussed the problems with sham peer reviews, since , I have been one who has paid a deep price for thinking outside the box. I also discuss how we are all not built perfectly mentally and how we are all being beat up both mentally and physically from the stress of this world.
He has helped me understand the nature and unfairness of this beast, and then has tried to find any solutions to my dilemma, which is more than most of my colleagues could do.
He is a good guy, a little nuts (who isn't) and he is still trying to slay the dragon. Carry on, Richard , The NEW Orleans Mensch!" July 20, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
1st Dr. Stu Rosan

hired Richard as a Business Consultant in 2007

Richard is very passionate about his career and this is not a popular job-fighting the establishment powers of the health world about their abuse of power in punishing doctors because of their beliefs .

A very thankless job , and more doctors should appreciate that Richard is one of the few true advocates in keeping the health world as fair as possible to doctors .
Plus he is a little crazy in a "good way"ť April 15, 2012
1st Dr. Stu Rosan, solo family doctor, Stuart Rosan D.O.
worked directly with Richard at Center for Peer Review Justice-fighting Sham Peer Review


  • Richard----
    thank you again for your help in successfully derailing a sham peer review at the Hospital. I request your help currently in my future participation with the hospital.

    Over the past 5 years, I hardly ever admit patients to the Hospital nor do I perform elective surgery at their facilities. However, I have been MANDATED to perform on-call at the hospital 1 out of every 6 nights. 3 months ago a brand new specialist came to to the city and was hired by another Hospital and given full privileges at my Hospital but has never been on the call schedule. What I am looking for from your standpoint is options that I can pursue whereby I would be dismissed from on-call obligations with the condition that I can admit and treat my PRIVATE patients under emergency circumstances without harassment. I have submitted my renewal of privileges with WRITTEN omission of facial trauma, elective tracheostomy, transfer of patients from the operating room to the ICU (the subject of my sham peer review), conscious sedation, pediatric airway, and pediatric emergencies on unassigned patients. I also made it clear in writing that I do not participate in Medicaid. I have not heard any response----they may make it easy by denial of renewal. If they harass me over it, yet they allow a brand new specialist physician to skate out of call unopposed, I may need you and your attorney to help me push them back.

    M November 1, 2112 12:11 pm

    Note: Names of Hospitals and specialties were deleted for privacy.

  • I have seen you go to the mat for people who deserve it and win, Richard. Glad to be a part of what you do"

    Dean ( Network Administrator and our digital consultant). 2/08/11

  • You are an extraordinary man, Richard. I am proud to call you friend.
    KK 2-8-11

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    It is with great pleasure and a sense of gratitude that I recommend Richard Willner and his Center for Peer Review Justice to you.

    I was fortunate to have come to know Mr. Willner shortly after I became involved in seemingly insurmountable difficulties regarding my medical
    practice. I can truly say that Richard was a real life saver for me.

    At a time when my world seemed to be crashing down on my head, Richard Willner was sent like an angel to help me in my fight for justice.

    It was very lucky for me that Mr. Willner and his Center for Peer Review Justice were involved in the areas of Peer Review, Licensing and Data Banking and has carved
    out a niche in which he utilizes "extra legal" and "extra judicial" defenses to come to the aid of doctors who are paralyzed by a legal morass in which the other side seems to have all the protection and there is not the legal protections that we expect in America. The fact is that Boards and Peer Review Panels do not work under the premise that you are innocent unless proven guilty. They see their role as one to protect the public even if it means that the professional is wrongly convicted or restricted. Sometimes they have other less noble motives.

    In a field where the success rate is very low because the other side has immunity, he seems to win for his "clients"/doctors.

    He gives lectures to healthcare lawyers and is well respected by his peers. Each case is different. There are different situations and different players, so he develops creative
    solutions which change with the playing field. Don't expect a cookie cutter job. He won't tell you what he is going to do. He gets to the bottom of things and gets results one step at a time.

    Over the last two years, I have seen his clients/doctors have satisfactory results time and time again. Often the wins are very quiet. Sometimes, I have seen where he has toppled a corrupt Board and its lawyer or mounted a legislative battle to result in a win. Richard knows how to utilize the media to your best use. Most wins are much lower key. He has been a trial consultant and keeps up with cases all over the country.

    He is intensely focused with your winning and staying in practice, whether it is making some behind the scene calls or working to get data bank information changed to better reflect a situation. Sometimes he is just there to support you emotionally so you have the strength to win the game.

    Richard Willner started the field of "extra-legal/ extra-judicial" defense with his Center for Peer Review Justice. He affordably provides things that lawyers are unable to do. Certainly, you need to have expert Legal Advice as well. Mr. Willner balances your defense with an offense which the system is not expecting.

    I might liken using a legal defense to playing piano with only the white keys. Mr Willner's extra-legal defense, rounds out your program with the black keys....The sharps and the flats that are needed to get you through a perilous situation.

    I would heartily recommend Mr Willner to most people wanting a full defense.

    Name Withheld, Texas

  • Dear Richard,
    I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

    Details of the Recommendation: "Dr. Willner is an experienced advocate. He represents physicians and other licensed health care providers around the country who have been accused of wrongdoing and are facing the loss of their hospital privileges and / or their license to practice medicine. Notably, Dr. Willner has been able to succeed in cases where legal representation may have failed. While there are some cases where even Dr. Willner may not ultimately prevail, his clients are assured of a hard-fought battle on their behalf. As an attorney, I heartily welcome Dr. Willner's expertise and assistance in peer review cases."
    Service Category: Doctor
    Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

    ( Robert Liles, Esq is a managing partner in a large health care law firm in Washington DC as well as in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and in the Valley.
    He was formally with the Department of Justice and was the first Chief of the Health Care Fraud Department.  )

  • From: "LL"
    To: Richard W. <info@peerreview.org>
    Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2011 12:22 PM

    Subject: Bless you!!!

    So Richard; how do I express my "dripping" praise for you?  Well, I am now wearing 3 winter jackets so I can perspire to the point of dripping gallons of sweat as a symbolic gesture.  You are very generous and I appreciate from the heart what you are doing. 
    Will be in touch.
    Enjoy your game as well.  The Jets need to run the table I think at this point to get the last Wild Card spot.


  • Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 12:48 PM
    Subject: thank you

    Just under a year ago, I was in danger of losing my career. I was thrown into an experience which was horrifying, stressful, expensive, and downright degrading. I was being attacked. When I first spoke with you, I was afraid you would think I was a horrible person (as those shammers would have one believe.)

    You listened and saw the truth and helped me; you stuck with me and we ended up victorious. I wanted to thank you for all your help. that sounds so trite in comparison to all you did for me. You truly are a saint. You even took the time to speak with me late at night when I would call terrified about keeping my career. You are intelligent, committed, energetic, and innovative; and you have many good friends in many places. You are dedicated to your work and to doing the right thing whatever it takes. I commend you.
    You are probably responsible for many lives being saved that you don't even know of. Why? Because you save the practices of those physicians who are the good ones, who get wrongly accused by the bad ones. You really should be sainted or knighted or something like that. Words do not do justice to express my heartfelt appreciation to you!

    L.G., MD

  • Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 2:52 PM
    Dr. Willner,

    I just want to express my heart felt gratitude towards you. I truly believe God put you in my life as a guardian angel. When I first contacted you, I felt relieved just to have someone to talk to who believed in me and offered me guidance throughout this whole process. I had no idea what a huge role you would play in helping me get my license. Throughout the months, I have not always known exactly what your plans would be or what you were doing behind the scenes, but now in looking back, it all makes sense. I know I say this a lot, but I definitely feel as though you were made for doing what you do. You have the knowledge and experience to correct the wrongs of the medical field, but above all, you have the heart. You have a heart of gold and truly care about people, and that is why you are so successful.

    The past few weeks leading up to the medical board hearing were so stressful and I could not have gotten through it without you. I can never express enough to you my gratitude for you driving all the way down here to be at my side during the hearing. Without you, I would not have a license or a career in medicine. You have made a friend for life. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you...

    KMS, MD

  • From: KS
    To: Richard Willner <info@peerreview.org>
    Sent: Monday, May 2, 2011 6:03 PM
    Subject: Dear Richard,

    Thank you for all your hard work. I know you have your heart and soul in what you do. It is clear to me you give everything a great deal of thought and you are always working on your cases, day and night. I know what you do doesn't happen without a tremendous amount of caring as well as a keen intelligence. I have been so grateful you have been there for me so many time. It is very overwhelming going through all the changes and to work through all the uncertainty it brings to one's life. I am confident if there is anyone who can help me it is you. My very best to you for your dedication and unyielding desire to help those of us who find ourselves in what feels like an insurmountably array of difficulties that come with a scam peer review.

    KS in Massachusetts

  • From: Pastor Alvin J. Jackson,
    Dear Dr. Willner,
    I along with the members of the First Emmanuel Baptist Church located at 1301 Solon Street, Gretna, Louisiana would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your personal concern for patients starting up the Diabetic Black American Outreach Program. The valuable information you provided regarding Diabetes and the Black community did indeed help answer many questions that the members had. In many instances for those in attendance ths questions answered and information you provided were the first step in recognizing and dealing with the serious problem of Diabetes. This outreach program already has proven to be very successful. In the short period of time it has reached Black at the following churches: Secondary Highway Baptist Church, Regular Baptist Church, St. Stephens Baptist Church.
    So again, I would like to thank you for doing something that has never been done before. You have stretched out your hands to a community, and race or people that had little knowledge of a very serious problem affecting them. The implementation of the Diabetic Black American Outreach Program will help many of those that would not otherwise seek help or answers to many of their questions or concerns.
    Rev. Alvin J. Jackson

  • Oct 10- 2012 - comments in English below
    A quien corresponda

    Estamos en tiempos de cambio donde,cada Americano gasta un promedio 17 centavos por cada dollar en el systema de cuidado de salud en los Estado Unidos . Se espera que ne el ano 2019 el gasto va a subir a 19.3% del gasto total de la economia.

    Los ganadores en este proceso son las grandes corporaciones como las aseguranzas y los hospitals y los perdedores son los pacientes y los medicos.

    Con esta direccion es facil predecir el abuso sin escrupulos de los hospitals que se apoyan en las mismas leyes utilizadas para proteccion de los medicos por el govierno federal para fines de gananacia financieros.

    Yo soy medico Internista ,he practicando medicina desde 1986, nunca envuelta en “law suits”. Cuando tuve mi primer experiencia de esta naturaleza a mis 49 anos me senti regresada al ano de 1986 a un nivel tercermundista, enfrentada un un monton de abuzones, montoneros sin escrupulos que se sentian y se sienten los duenos del hospital y querian destruir mi Carrera con quejas inexistentes y ambiguas.

    Los hospitalistas y los medico de emergencias son un problema muy grave en los hospitals porque ellos son grupos asalariados que saltan a posiciones de “poder” escudados con la inmunidad legal que da la ley de HCQIA que esta escrita en la la constitucion de los Estados Unidos para monopolizar los hospitals y destruir competicion. En otras palabras en muchas ocasiones ellos violan las “Antitrust Law’.

    En mi caso La tactica que se utiliza gneralmente es un "non spoken agreement"entre medicos asalalariados que gozan de( inmunidad federal legal HCQIA) para protegerse de cualquier actividad de ataque en contra de otro medico.

    Por ejemplo la dinamica del hospital es el poder de "gate keeper" el medico de emergencia que "decide" a donde va el paciente, y el poder de "gate keeper" del medico hospitalista rechaza el paciente a el piso de medicina si no tiene aseguranza, o si esta en "grey line" o si representa una gran "liability".

    El paciente con grandes problemas medicos y un poco de depression y sin aseguranza llega a la unidad de psiquiatry ( que es el "sewage" del hospital) que no esta equipada para tratar problems medicos pero que sin embargo el hospital recive charities for la admission! medicos en solo practica recivimos la carga financiera, la "liability" y responasbilidad, asi como el abuso intimidacion y riesgo de reporte a la AMA por el mismo grupo que hace toda la distorcion de la dinamica.!!!!

    Debido a esta dinamica La mortalidad de la unidad de psyquiatria estaba fracturada. Antes de que yo llegara a este hospital, yo habia visto pacientes psquiatricos por 12 anos antes de practicar en este Nuevo hospital y ellos probablemente no sabian que yo tenia zero mortalidad en mi record.

    Esta gente empezo a levanter quejas y mas quejas en contra mia en menos de un ano a un numero de casi cuarenta de detalles inexistentes y como en mi cultura dicen “casi me tenian con la pata en el pescuezo.

    One afternoon before I went to their peer review I had an impending fear and I called Richard B. Willner, CEO THE CENTER FOR PEER REVIEW JUSTICE and you want to know how he helped me, right Well it happen that he is also Executive VP from Americas Medical Society, as well as the CEO of the Gale News Network ( GNN) and people who abuse legal federal power also fear the shame of an scandal specially if there is evidence of abuse.

    Richard B. Willner, was as a silent respectable shield that not only protected me but guided me. He assured me that I was entitled to enjoy the social benefits that the US market provide to its citizens, he asked me never to give up. Richard told me in his words "they do not own the hospital, you are a good Dr. you deserve to be where you are, and continue there Please.........
    Thank you Richard!

    San Antonio TEXAS

  • Sent: Mon, October 11, 2010 12:16:43 PM
    Subject: Thank you

    Dr. Willner,

    Thank you for your hard work and invaluable insights with regard to handling disciplinary matters with the medical board. Your approach to handling these matters helped avoid a deportation because the lack of due process protections in medical board matters may frustrate favorable resolution through the adversarial legal processes available to physicians.


  • A letter from the Hospital following a killer sham?
    That is a first. Who would believe it?

  • Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 5:46:44 AM
    Subject: Happy Holidays!!

    Dear Rich, Our spirits were raised today when we read the APOLOGY letter from our old hospital.  It has been expensive, stressful, and educational for myself and my family to survive the ordeals begun a year ago.  Thanks for your ongoing support and for always being there for us.  Talking to you first prevented me from doing or saying the wrong thing....our surgeons' angel!! Thanks for everything!!
  • Dr. Richard Willner

    Center for Peer Review Justice

    December 10, 2007

    Dear Rich,

    Until recently, I had never known the real depths of despair.  As an individual who has desired to be a physician from a very young age, witnessing first-hand the near destruction of my career was tantamount to being annihilated as a person.  Your perseverance to rectify my situation and to seek-out the hidden method to unravel and thus resolve the dilemma of my career is nothing but phenomenal.  The drive with which you approached the case and your unyielding desire to see this “wrong” put to “right” is remarkable.  Few individuals have the motivation to help anyone in a situation such as this, yet you assisted me although I was previously unknown to you.  Quickly, you established a method to salvage my career. You did that for me as well as many others.  I can not thank you enough for the work that you have accomplished.

    If I could reward you the Nobel Prize for humanitarianism… I would do so.  There are many unsung heroes in this world.  You are definitely one of them.  A civil rights activist of sorts…. Leading the fight for those unjustly accused who have committed no crime except that of desiring quality.  Unfortunately, the medical community has named the outspoken disruptive.  Ironic, I think, in a land where speech is to be free.  Is it really free if it costs one his/her career?  I think not.

    I applaud your efforts and those of your hidden “band of brothers” who guide you along the way.

    May you continue to persevere for those of our medical family who are unjustly persecuted.

    Please continue your grass-roots efforts to inform the uninformed of the misnomer assigned to the phrase peer review.

    With heart-felt gratitude,

  • December 5, 2007 6:07:10 AM
    Subject: RE: Orlando Medical News

    Fascinating, Rich.

    I have to say, when I read this, I felt a deep sense of pride & privilege. I wish my Mom had been alive to know what you˘re doing. She was like that; she'd stand up, and defend others, the weak, and those who've been given a raw deal. You ended up helping many, many others with their careers. This is not only cool, it˘s great. I˘m really impressed at the position you've established here. You˘re a f***** ghost buster!

     B. B.

  • December 2007 - Follow Link for Orlando Medical News Article
  • Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 5:36:18 PM
    DATE: October 30, 2007
    TO: Richard Willner, DPM
    RE: LOUISIANA MEDICAL NEWS (follow link for full article)

    Congratulations! This is an excellent article. I applaud your accomplishments, and wish you continued success in the battle against the 'Whores of Healthcare'.

    M. P.,  M.D.
    Dr. Richard B. Willner’s crusade began seven years ago (2000) with an e-mail. In it, Dr. Brian Gale described his battle with the North Dakota Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners. Gale maintained the dispute began when he left another doctor’s practice to begin his own. That doctor sued Gale, and the board filed disciplinary charges against Gale. The resulting ordeal was at the eight-year mark when Willner got involved. By that time, Gale had run through seven attorneys and burned through more than $500,000 in legal fees, only to lose at the state Supreme Court.
    Dr. Richard Willner

    “I asked him to send me a copy of the source documents,” Willner said. “He sent me 29 pounds worth. I went through them. I saw he was 100 percent truthful, and I did not understand how a state board could terrorize a licensee. I volunteered to help him.” Three years later, every board member had resigned from the North Dakota board, Willner said.

    “You’ve got a guy, a middle-aged man who said, ‘You know, I don’t really want to do another hammer toe surgery again. I’ve had enough,’” Willner said. “I want to do something better. I want to do something dynamic.” He founded The Center for Peer Review Justice Inc. The center now has offices in Kenner and Dallas. Eventually Willner retired as a podiatrist.

    Source: Ted Griggs, Louisiana Medical News [10/25/07]

  • Dr. Richard Willner, the director of the Center for Peer Review Justice, has been an ardent, strong supporter of me during the attempts of my ex-business partner and my wife's ex-husband to destroy my professional career. These two professionals (?) filed complaint, after complaint in an attempt to get my license suspended and revoked between 2004 and 2008. Despite obstacle after obstacle in my battle to save my professional career, we prevailed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. That is not to say, I didn't get reprimanded. It must continue medical record-based supervision until 2012; faced public censure; and fines. The "win" for us was that I am able to continue to treat hundreds of patients who rely on me for their professional treatment. My patients have been loyal and dedicated to me. I remain loyal and dedicated to them. I owe my professional career to my patients and Dr. Richard Willner. Thank you for your ongoing support.

    Dr D G
    Child Psychiatrist


  • September 24, 2007 7:19:29 PM
    Subject: Re: Holiday Season

    I too want to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays! I am still hopeful that all of your efforts will help to salvage the career my husband has worked so hard for, literally giving up everything to dedicate himself to the care of his patients. It is heartbreaking to watch such a truly gifted surgeon, who has made such a profound difference in the lives of so many, be literally robbed of his livelihood and his ability to provide for his own family -- unjustly, by others who feel threatened by his skill and compassion. For literally five years now I have watched the man I love suffer in a way I never knew possible...the collateral damage is unfathomable.

    If it weren't for your ongoing encouragement and support, I don't know what might have happened... you continue to be his beacon of light leading him out of the darkness. I too will never forget you and will forever be grateful for all that you have and continue to do to help him! You are an angel of mercy sent from heaven above to fight for the downtrodden when they have lost the will to fight for themselves. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all the support you continue to provide!

    Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Richard all of you will be recognized for your good deeds.  Since experiencing the process first hand the world seems a much more complex place than just a few months ago.  I look around and every one is gunning for doctors.  What is the point of all this schooling, training, experience and talent if groups want you obliterated on whim?  Is this the price of physician existence constant? vigilance, preparation, and engagement?    As an aside I remember Clarence Thomas during his nomination hearings refer to a "lynching"  Justice Thomas has no clue what a real lynching is. 

    Modern organized medicine is a joke.  Physicians need to take some of that money they are throwing away and donate it to a group that can help them where the rubber meets the road.

    The "REAL" organized medicine is the CPRJ and its think tank.

    As Yom Kippur approaches:

    Gmar hatimah tovah

    Baruch atah adonai

    Peace, S.M., MD
  • Sept 17, 2007
    My husband did not utilize Rich.  He decided to continue it on his own.  Rich will work very hard for you.   I am familiar with the cases he has won and it's incredible actually.   Rich is relentless & an amazing individual.   Thank you and good luck.  I wish you the best.  I was not prepared for the battle.  It was relentless and shocking & so very unfair.  My husband was my soul mate & best friend.  He was a beautiful human being:  Generous, kind, nurses referred to him as a gift to their hospital.  It's important that you do not try to carry this all on your own.  I trust that you have a tremendous support system.

    Candace (widow of obstetrician who committed suicide)
  • August 7, 2007
    Dr. McKalip, the biggest risk to medical practice economic viability I have never heard mentioned at the FMA, AMA, or any county medical society meeting.

    Read this excellent article (link below) and the insert sections on peer review. As a 2 time FMA delegate who is just beginning to get a feel for the process, I may have simply missed resolutions on this issue. Ultimately the biggest imminent threat to your practice economic viability and your medical licensure comes not from insurance companies but from your fellow physicians and local hospital systems.


    The 4 part series of articles was written in 2003 and I cannot believe I had no clue about their significance and content. There are few if any organizations that actually help physicians with this threat to their economic practice viability. It is quite literally the mucormycosis of your professional career. Like that disease it is rare, poorly recognized, and rapidly devastating with high degree of morbidity and mortality.

    I have no financial interest in the center for peer review justice except that I am a member.

    Sam MD
  • April 19, 2007 7:02 PM
    Subject: Re: Fw: Sham Peer Review survival

    Rich, thank you for keeping me abreast and updated.
    You are an Angel of Light for the professionals. A strength during their storm, a light of hope and one who is able to produce results in favor of the Professional.
    (widow of obstetrician who committed suicide)
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2007 4:25 AM

    Dear Rich,

    It has been a pleasure working with you. By taking your advice, even when it seemed to go against what some attorney and medical practice advisors told me, I am saved. Unless you have experienced a shamming, you won't know how isolating and anxiety producing life in the hospital trenches can be. Your experience and knowledge were my light and beacon. You can't cover true light with darkness.

    All of the "experts" that I have had to use in my situation did their jobs, you actually helped me stay on the correct course. I now have many "experts" interested in your opinion and we have been working with your advice in mind.

    My husband was happy that I could call you late at night, over weekends, multiple times when we needed to do some problem solving. I was actually able to have some wonderful family moments during this very rough patch, because the Center helped me to "decompress".

    Some of my colleagues, who knew I was being shammed, were impressed by how happy and calm I was during my peer review process. It wasn't Prozac; it was Rich. I was able to stay positive and focused on saving my career because you helped me maintain my confidence in myself.

    My life took a different course than expected. I am on the verge of some wonderful opportunities. It was because you kept me strong with my head held high, that I was able to see that there were other places to use my skills. You have many connections to very useful and talented people. It was wonderful to belong to this medical, professional fraternity.

    I owe you everything. I will gladly help others if I can. Please let me know what I can do. Sham peer review is a career - ender. Sham peer review should be stopped. It can happen to anyone.

    TH, OB/GYN
  • Sunday, February 25, 2007 5:59 AM

    Seems to me Rich, you look like my guardian angel. I can just barely make out the halo.

    OB GYN   Michigan
  • Dec 15, 2006


    It is really quite amazing to me the degree of perseverance you have for working on these sham peer review cases. As we all know, some of these cases take a great deal of time to resolve, yet you continue to look for windows of opportunity until there is a resolution. The resolution we all seek is to get back to work in our field of training, and nobody has a success record that can compare to yours.
    I want to thank you for your consideration and continuing efforts, and always being available whenever I have a question or a problem. I can't think of anyone else, in any business, who is literally available all hours of all the days of the week! I cannot imagine trying to negotiate this course without your assistance.

    R. L., M.D.
  • December 2006 -
    Dear Rich:
            Thank you for the long email.  You ARE a beacon of light.  
    Absolutely!   I remain deeply saddened of the reality that physicians are being hunted and destroyed by hostile hospital administrators, medical boards and peers.   You are fighting a war that you certainly will win.  My heart continues to grieve for the talented professionals who become targets and "are driven to slaughter."   You are their light and their hope.  It is wonderful to watch your organization grow.
    Candace (widow of obstetrician who committed suicide)
  • Saturday, November 04, 2006

    Thanks for the encouragement Rich.  I really do appreciate your insight and perspectives relative to my situation.  These have been quite helpful.  Have a great weekend even though I know that you work continuously.


    Oct 28, 2005

    I will do anything you suggest. I am very impressed with what you have done and the people you have surrounded yourself with. you have surrounded yourself with reputable people and thank you for letting me even be part of this.
    J.C. MD

  • September 2005
  • Dear Rich,
    Thanks for being a light in the darkness. Losing my license because bad people did things in my office has been the pits. You have been a great encouragement to me; and helped me to reach out and do the right thing and the positive "makes a difference thing". You have given me worthwhile and supportive advice and helped me to get through these bad days. It has helped me to understand the people and power plays behind the injustice.
    You have helped me get to a positive outcome. I think you have a great grasp of the games being played .I just would like you to know that I count you among my friends. Sometimes you have to do what creates the best outcome, not what ever comes first to mind. I was really too mad and down to think straight.
    I would recommend your consulting for anyone that gets shot down by a very flawed system. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Dr K.

  • Sunday, September 04, 2005

    Dr. Willner,
    I want to thank you for your support throughout my dealings with peer review fraud since 2001. You have truly helped my family and I survive this crime.

    Your knowledge and expertise have proven to be invaluable in matters of peer review fraud. I would strongly recommend that anyone who thinks they may be involved in a medical staff conflict contact you immediately. To ignore this recommendation is foolhardy, and could mean the end of a career. Those of us who have been through these events know. You are truly an expert, if not the only expert, in this field.

    A physician may be represented by one of the best attorneys money can buy, but I guarantee they are still handicapped if they don't have your support. No affiliation with any physician group (AMA, TMA, etc.) is going to significantly help, either. Of all the money I have spent on defending myself, I have only seen returns on the investment in time and money I have made with you and your organization.

    In fact, I fear there is nobody who could continue the services that you and your organization provide should anything happen to you. So, you and your family are welcome to stay at my home anytime a hurricane threatens Louisiana again.

    I never knew such acts as peer review fraud were possible in the U.S. Fortunately, you have been helping victims of peer review fraud successfully fight this (type of crime) for years! Your organization is more valuable, both to the physician and the public, than the AMA.

    R. M.D.
    Chief, Dept. of Surgery-
    Diplomate, American Board of Surgery


  • All of us who are reasonable and concerned about peer review know of Rich's abilities and dedication.  He has a vast amount of experience in this area as well as connections and a sound fund of knowledge.  We need him and physicians who have been shammed need him.

     MD JD
  • "I think we need to have Rich Willner involved in the US Congressional hearings.  He would bring a wealth of experience in the trenches and has a database of numerous cases.  He also could give a more broad perspective than most of our members."
    Bill  (Chairman)    3-31-05
    B. H.  MD, JD
  • Lawrence Huntoon, MD, PhD, Neurologist, Editor of the AAPS Journal
    Comment about Dr Willner August 2004
    You are unique.
    Lawyers are not unique.

    When people encounter something or someone unique, they tend to shy away from him or it, not knowing what to make of it. Such is the curse of greatness and uniqueness.

    any people initially thought Einstein was a hopeless idiot.
    He was different.
    Ugly attitudes is like flak.
    You know you are flying over the target when you start to see flak all around you.
    Smile, you're the one in the plane with the bombs.

    No you wouldn't do anything else.
    I know you better than that.
    You really like what you do, and you do it well.
    Whether idiots recognize that or not doesn't matter.
    Remember, they are the idiots.

    And, I appreciate your methods.

    When you are outnumbered and outgunned, and there is nothing fair about the playing field, the only option is "under the radar," stealth, "guerilla warfare."


  • by J. Matthews , MD

    Richard Willner is clearly the front runner in the area of Advocacy in the Peer Review Arena.

    This is an area where the Peer Review Organizations enjoy an incredible shield of Immunity which insulates them from having grievances addressed in a legal arena.

    These are human Beings making decisions on issues that often relate to personality, professional relationships, often secret, personal agendas, market shares, styles of practice, life styles, race, religion and many other things that should not be part of the peer review process.

    Richard Willner has mastered the area of Extra Legal Methods to address the Peer Review Organizations.  How do you Shine a Light on things that these Boards and Committees have done.  They do not like the negative publicity that results when their mistakes and often corruption is made public.

    Advocacy costs money.  One should not expect it to be free.  People who promote things deserve to be compensated.  That is whether they are advocating as a Lobbyist, or preparing an advertising campaign for a product or your practice.  Richard Willner acts as a personal advocate for individuals to bring their case to light, or possibly to restore a reputation that has been trashed. 

    There are not many people who do what Richard Willner does.  Where would you begin to find someone with his skills or even to know that someone with his skills exists when you need them.  Certainly the best place to tell people about yourself and your services is anywhere that you are explaining what has happen need to others.

    You may not like the fact that there is someone there advocating for people who have gotten shafted...but he has been successful because you know he is there.

    Richard WILLNER is a Master of the Extra Legal Approach to Defense against Administrative Injustice.  You should be thankful that there is someone that is there to help you when you need him
  • I think it is a major accomplishment - i.e. it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, in most cases, for a prophet to be recognized in his own town (comes from the New Testament).

    Justice and fairness that is dependent on people and not the rule of law is a very tenuous thing. People come and go.

    Lawrence Huntoon, MD, PhD
  • Dear Matt,

    I am deeply moved by your problem because it happened to me and my family and I understand your wife's input but this time it can kill you.  She knows nothing about this kind of battle. She cannot imagine what is in store for you but before her meddling kills you she will leave you.

    I won a peer review standing on my own two feet without a lawyer until the procedure morphed to disallow exculpatory factual evidence favorable to me and include innuendo and hearsay favorable to hospital counsel.  My lawyer was the expert for the region and I hired him at the last minute thinking he could navigate past the procedural difficulties.

    The fix was definitely in.

    You would think my lawyer would go straight to the courthouse but rather than piss off the power brokers in the town, he just laid down and screwed me out of a lot of money and put my career in serious peril.  Lawyer and particularly state judges have so many unseen ties to hospitals, the insurance industry, legislators and other stake holders in sham peer review that ultimately they will  be the ones to finally do you in.  I don't know how else to tell you but if you don't get Wilner you might as well quit now.

    There is a Nazi-like aura to these proceedings. You are through the looking glass you have no rights and the other side will not grant you any out of a sense of honor.  It is the worst form of theft and corporate thuggery, all under the banner of doing God's work.  It is supported by the highest levels of organized medicine and the insurance industry and the only group I have seen so far that has had any real success in fighting it is Wilner and his crew.  I have lost incalculable opportunities due to the corruption of judges, lawyers and most of all the medical staff engaging in horrendous acts of fraud and wish I had him helping me at the very beginning.

    I spent more money in the first two months with my lawyer than you will ever spend with Wilner and Wilner will win for you.  He has to.  Wilner works fast while your lawyer will drag it out until you are dead and broke. 

    Wilner did not recommend a lawyer to me.  He helped me "extra-judicially".  He can get access and do things that your lawyer cannot.

    Wilner is completely unconventional and because of this the Nazis fear him.  They have no fear of your attorney and thus he has no negotiating position.  That is a fact you have to accept.  Wilner's network can incinerate sacred cows.   He has a database and can use the key media if necessary.  While your lawyer fritters away your time this guy will win your case but as far as your wife is concerned the network does not reveal tactics because once that happens the industry can develop a response.

    I know it sounds a bit of alchemy but think about it for a minute, by the time he validates to your wife what he is going to do he might as well publish it on the front page of the newspaper.

    You can either listen to your wife or you save your butt.  Ultimately Wilner uses some pretty clever Nazi hunter techniques and this seems to work because he is treating the right disease.

    There are a thousand ways to solve your problem but the wrong way is to fund some lawyer's rise to social prominence by defending your professional corpse as Brutus defended Caesar.

    I pray this helps you.

    Dr  S
    Sunday, April 04, 2004   8:09AM

  • Hi,  The widow of a physician driven to suicide told me of your Center. I am thrilled, as I am now unemployed and unemployable as a result of character assassination and State Board malice.

    I will call you Monday for more information and to join, but wanted to send this after reading your web site, to let you know that you are a beacon in the wilderness, a light of reassurance and a comfort simply by being there.

    I cannot tell you how eager I am to get involved, to join you,  and to plead for your help.

    Rick H.
  • 11/08/04

    Dear Rich,

    Thank you for enrolling me in the CPRJ's physician education center. The volume of information contained in the program was impressive. It was very educational and enlightening to review the sixty landmark legal cases that involved and went against "disruptive" physicians. I was floored by the case summary suspensions and the catastrophic consequences they cause. Most fascinating was how there seemed to be an automatic presumption of psychiatric of substance abuse problems in the physicians accused.

    As physicians we deal with out peers as our " colleagues" and assume they will understand our behavior. I now realize, with the help your program and ability to effectively communicate this information, that physicians must review the peer review process as a legal one and not "grand rounds". It is so important that physicians understand the meaning of the work" disruptive" and how nurses and other hospital staff apply it to our behavior with almost complete immunity.

    Your program is complete and thorough in every way and I am sure it is in no small part due to your passion for your job. You are able to motivating and demanding or your physicians, but in a funny and dynamic way. Most importantly, I am certain that this program can improve performance and patient care.

    As CEO of the CPRJ you show a unique passion and attention to physicians needs which makes a winning combination.

    Again, thank you so much for the hard work you have done for me and all of CPRJ's clients.

  • AAPS comments from  Clive Sinoff, MD;  L.R. Bailey, MD;  and J. Swift, MD

  • Comments sent by California General and Neurosurgeon - 7/22/04
    "My thanks to Dr. Willner for taking so much time to speak with me. I plan to inform my attorney that I would like to obtain advice from your organization in order to put a stop to S.M. Hospital from their repetitive career assassinations. They have their own HMO, and if you do not "belong" to the chosen group then you are a target. I've been threatened directly by the administrator to join their group or he'll "drive me out of town." They also have one particular physician who has sold his soul to S.M. Hospital  and readily criticizes any and all individuals whom he just does not like. The S.M. Hospital also has a surgeon who is one of their HMO docs who is used to ruin the "outside" surgeons....Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed a stellar career in surgery and have an impeccable reputation in community. BUT, the hospital and their paid whores have tarnished it."

     5/12/04  - "To Whom it May Concern:
    I am writing this to commend Richard Willner, president of the Center for Peer Review Justice, Inc. In a very short period of time, he developed a plan and approach that saved my professional career. If I had taken the approach that I had in mind, I would have undeservedly though undoubtedly lost my hospital privileges. Due to what I experienced of Richard Willner’s passion, dedication, creativity, and keen intelligence - I recommend him to all physicians in all the varieties and all stages of trouble that we can find ourselves in. If Harriet Tubman can be called the Moses of African Slaves, I think it is appropriate to call Richard Willner the Moses of beleaguered physicians."

    Sincerely, Annie Bukacek MD

  • The Center for Peer Review Justice quoted as a source by the AMA
  • "Your accomplishments on defending your clients is more than remarkable. It's miraculous. But I know DAMN well it is the result of hard work, gritty intelligence on your part and a creativity that defies your toughest adversaries. Rich, they didn't know what they were up against...YOU.

    I'm so proud of you I could shake you by your shoulders and give you a hug."

    Dr Mike Rosenblatt

  • Dear Dr. Willner,

    Thank you for listening to me and trying to help me. You are a very good person, honest, sincere, trust worthy, over all a person who really cares and says and does what is practical/real/helping with open heart...no amount of money can do that....I am so much grateful I met you and you are helping me.

    Thank you DOC.... You are one of a kind...

    R.M.  MD

    June 6, 2004 - " Richard is my hero."  R.A, MD, JD

    Author: Lydia H Grotti, MD, FCCP
    Subject: Richard Willner and the Center for Peer Review Justice 

    Thank God for Richard Willner!

     When I was at my lowest point in my ongoing battle for the right to work in the field of my dreams, that for which I trained for 6 years and in which I am board certified, a voice came to me over the phone, telling me that I am not alone in this farce that is called "disciplinary action by the Board" or "peer review". He got me in touch with others whom I could support and who could support me.

    I was given renewed hope and will stand tall for what is right and speak out for what is wrong. I will remain a proponent of the patient's (and their surrogates') right to make their own decision about their End of Life Care and of the physician's duty to abide by that decision. I will also remain a proponent of a patient's right to a dignified and comfortable death, without fear, anxiety and/or pain. That is the law and I followed the law, despite accusations to the contrary.  

    With the support of the Center, Richard Willner and my lawyers, I am confident that justice (or some semblance thereof) will prevail. If my accusers win, Critical Care, End of Life Care (including Hospice Care) will be set back decades and patients will once again SUFFER death.


    Medical Forum Post July 2003

    "I admire your diligence and commitment to this very important area. While you may not receive the thanks you obviously deserve, I am certain that there is many a health professional who has benefited from your dedication.

    One day, all of us that are committed to this very important issue where medicine and law converge will celebrate HCQIA's being amended to mandate constitutional due process and move the burden of persuasion from the physicians to the Hospitals. We are only one Supreme Court case away.

    Keep up the good work.

    South Carolina Lawyer (name available upon request)

    Remember, great is your reward in heaven"

    Sept 25, 2003 Post to Forum - "The director of the Sham Peer Review Organization, actually a podiatrist, has demonstrated absolutely enormous accomplishments that are now changing the very face of MD, DO, DDS and DPM peer review!"

    Sept 26, 2003 Post to Forum - "If you are ever unfortunate enough to be exposed to a peer review situation, you will thank God every day for the work and accomplishments of Richard Willner."


    J. Swift
    Before Rich got involved there was a media blackout on sham peer review. HIPPA is not much different.

    Now people are beginning to realize that institutional peer review is another name for corporate pseudoscience and mis-accounting practices. The future holds great promise for the Center and its sincere and indefatigable founder, Rich Willner. I am glad to be his friend. I can count on one hand how many people i have met in life that have the same level of commitment to a just and noble cause.  

    L. R. Bailey MD

    I must agree with Dr. Snioff
    (see below) about Rich and the CPRJ. Sadly many of the lessons that are taught, there always seemed to be something learned the hard way by those who refuse to listen. It is difficult for physicians who are accustomed to solving problems to accept that some problems cannot be "solved". Society thinks that everything that everything can be settled in court. That just absolutely is not true and the courts seem to make things worse and definitely more expensive!! If you are having peer review problems, listen to Rich and pay lip service to the attorneys.  


    I wanted to comment about how invaluable is the Center for Peer Review Justice(CPRJ).

    In June 2000 the following dubious "review" by physicians, non of whom were in my specialty, my employment was terminated and my career amputated. There was little advice of information anywhere. I was stunned and bewildered.

    Some months later I became aware of Dr. Richard Willner and then the fledging Center for Peer Review Justice. Rich had become involved in the case or Dr. Brian Gale, a podiatrist in North Dakota, and Rich was just beginning to learn the ropes.

    Since then, he has devoted himself tirelessly, and at great personal cost, to those unjustly wronged. As far as i am aware, he has never refused advice or assistance, even though he did this without payment. Over the years, Rich has developed foremost knowledge asnd expertise of the whole peer review process. I believe that he has become aware of over 2,300 cases in the last three years, where the motives ad performance of a peer review have malice, bias and incompetence.

    At present, the CPRJ has an impressive website (PeerReview.org), with an expanding list of cases and opinions, as well as a panel of legal experts who have extensive experience in representing physicians who are victims of a sham peer review. There is an evolving modus operandi on how to mount a defense, as well as a campaign to expose the abuse of peer review to a wide public.

    I would urge any physician who is a victim of such abuse to contact Rich at info@peerreview.org  for assistance. I would also urge any organization, such as the AAPS, to support the Center financially, as Rich cannot continue to bear the cost from his own pocket.

    Clive Sinoff

    Date: February 01, 2002 11:54 PM
    Author: Brian Gale (brian@BrianGale.com )

    Subject: I have the scars of a Sham Peer Review

    I have been fighting a battle since 1993. Some say they would have given up a long time ago. Others say I'm lucky that I still have my home and my clinic although payments on everything are always late. I've also been told that I'm lucky I've only spent about $500k or so even though it translates into several million down the road.

    Thanks to Rich Willner and a few other friends and relatives I'm still alive and kicking. There are some extremely important rules about going up against hospitals and boards; the faster someone accepts them as fact, the better chance they have of prevailing.

    Rich Willner is without a doubt the number one expert in the United States on this subject. I know that's saying a lot but I have spent hundreds of hours speaking to him and we have exchanged somewhere in the range of thousands of emails.

    He reads every case he can get his hands on and understands how the evil system works. Most of our conversations lately have been about people who are spending hundreds of thousands on lawyers who don't have a clue what they're doing. When a lawyer calls Rich, Rich can give them the legal cases they need to try to make a difference.

    Rich is worth his weight in gold and then some when it comes to someone who has been abused as some of us have. Just take a look at www.briangale.com. The web site was Rich's idea. At first my wife and I really hesitated because I was in the process of cashing in my entire retirement (not that it was that big) as well as our kids colleges savings, just to be able to pay some bills. Reluctantly we went along with it and it has been given us a tremendous return on our very small investment.

    The web site literally neutralized a lot of the "evil doers" as President Bush calls them. There is no time to fight back and get on the offensive because all of the shammed person's time is spent on the defensive side.

    I spent 8 years and now I have finally managed to have almost all of the members of our state board that shammed me replaced. I did this only with the help of Rich Willner.

    For those of you who read this and are in a similar predicament; join the Center for Peer Review Justice. It was the ONLY thing I did in the past 8 years that saved me.

    I'm not out of this mess yet but I'm in better shape now than I have ever been. I understand the system and the players. Now I tell my lawyer what he needs to do and how to handle things after Rich and I have extensive discussions about it. My lawyer is still involved and has the final say about what he will and won't do and everything that is done is legal; whether the lawyer(s) know about it or not.

    These people (shammers) take very little time to do one thing that creates years of pain, suffering and nightmares for us and our families. Depression is a given for all of us. At times we are paralyzed emotionally and physically so we are too weak to fight back. We try to hold our families together because they are the most precious commodity we have and that takes so much time and energy that there is nothing left.

    Rich Willner has given me hope. He has been the "equalizer" for me. Why did he get involved? Because he loves a challenge and he couldn't believe that the things I posted publicly on another forum could be true. When he did his own investigation a few years ago, he began opening up the world of sham peer review.

    As bad as things are and have been I still have many things to be thankful for. I am alive, I have my health. For some reason I still have my wife (many leave for obvious reasons) and little girls too. Many of us who have been shammed are not as lucky as me. If I could take all the pain my wife has endured away and put it inside me because of what I have been put through I would gladly take it from her.

    In simple terms the answer is networking and fighting back. Think of it as the ultimate challenge of your life. There are no rules except for the one's the shammers make up as they go. You have nothing to lose because your (my) life has been destroyed professionally. Take it on as if it becomes your only mission in life. "Take no prisoners." You have to pull out every bit of passion you can muster and keep pushing on.

    The first step is to contact Rich AND do what he says; take his advice. We have to begin aggressively helping each other. A huge advantage that Rich gives us is that he can get a number of reviews for anyone at any given time from authoritative leaders in the specialty field of his choice. If anyone needs my help I'm available. This is not a fight that can be won with just the lawyers through the courts. That's what they want us to do is go through the legal process. It doesn't cost them a penny while it breaks us and our families.

    Call me any time to talk or for advice.

    Brian Gale, DPM, FACFAS 701-255-3338 clinic 701-202-1885 cellular 701-223-8841 home


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